Hey there everyone! My name is Lindsay Miller. I am a 34 year old, free-spirited (As much as I can be anyway), mother of 4, living in the Midwest (2hrs west of Chicago). I am an artist, cook, bartender, writer, and lover of music, movies, and books. My favorite types of music are mostly rock, new and classic. I also love the oldies, and some of today’s pop-type music ( Maroon five, Ed Sheeran, The Script). I absolutely LOVE to travel and do as much as I can afford to, which unfortunately isn’t much. I like to exercise and stay in shape, when I can find the time. I love to eat too so the exercise is definitely necessary! I also love to shop, hike, play outside;), go to concerts, swim, and just enjoy life. I am an optimistic and generally a happy person who is always smiling! My motto for life is: Life is short, live it up! The purpose of this blog is to share my art, writings, stories, experiences, advice, and anything else that I have to offer from my unique perspective to the world! My topics will cover different types of art, such as sketching, painting, sculpture, film, literature, music, and recipes/cooking. I hope you will find my little blog enjoyable and come back again! 🙂


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