Autumn Road


16×20 oil and palette knife painting

Every year when the summer is coming to a close it becomes a bit depressing. However, the joys of the fall make it much more bearable to part with sweet sunshine of summer.

One of the best things about fall are all the beautiful colors. The colors are here already in Illinois, but not quite enough for the photos I’ve been looking for. In a couple more weeks I’m sure I’ll be able to get some photos for a beautiful fall painting. But I couldn’t wait for that because the changing of the leaves already had me anxious. So I found a picture on the internet that inspired me to paint “Autumn Road”. I was really happy with the way it turned out. I love the colors which isn’t a surprise since the beautiful colors of fall were the purpose of the painting to begin with. Also, with all my paintings, I apply the paint very thick because I love the thick textures that can be achieved with the palette knife.

I am currently working on a large painting of a sunflower field. Its taking me a bit longer than I would have thought it would. But I am hoping I will have my colorful fall photos once I am done with the sunflowers. 🙂