Overcoming Self Doubt


I’ve just finished my most recent oil and palette knife painting. I’m pretty pleased with it. However, as humans, or artists, or whatever, we tend to be our own biggest critics. I pick out every little thing that I could have or should have done better. I compare my work to other palette knife paintings and I feel like mine isn’t as good or that it looks too cartoony. I know that’s not a word but you get where I’m going. I feel like I can’t or won’t ever be as good as others or good enough to sell my paintings. I feel like maybe this is stupid. Maybe I am wasting my time. My friends and family will think its a joke me devoting so much of my time to painting, rather than working.

Self Doubt is something that stops many people from pursuing and/or realizing their dreams. This is something I have to keep reminding myself of. I remind myself that I enjoy this and it doesn’t really matter if people think I’m crazy or don’t believe in me. I have to remember that I am trying to do work that I love and I love to paint. I have to remember just to keep going, and keep trying, and keep practicing. Self doubt is always going go be there no matter what dream or goal you are trying to pursue. The key is to learn to overcome it and keep going.

Something that does help me some is to read inspirational messages. I follow many inspirational pages on Facebook. I like to read inspirational articles or quotes on Pinterest as well. A lot of the messages go to show you that you are not alone when you have self doubt. Many of the messages are telling you that if your are experiencing self doubt that you are most like on the right track. There are many quotes and messages from famous artists of all kinds reminding you that they were once where you are now: an amateur who lacks confidence in his or her work. Here is an example of a pin I saved to my phone:


Things like this do help to keep me motivated. Whatever works to keep you motivated and reaching for your dreams are definitely worth your time or observation. Do whatever you need to do to motivate yourself to chase that dream. There’s no reason that you can’t write that book, or become a pianist, or chef, or veterinarian, or lawyer, or whatever it is that you aspire to become. If anyone else in the world has done it, and it is a passion of yours, there is no reason that you can’t make it happen for yourself. Its all about the love of the dream, practice, persistence, hard work, motivation, and overcoming self doubt. We can all be who we want to be. And if for some crazy reason we can’t, at the end of our days we will know we tried and gave it our best!


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