A Day Late

I promised myself and my blog ( I would say followers but I really have none) that I would finish the book I’m reading:The Book on Writing, by Paula LaRocque. Although I was supposed to finish it yesterday and blog about it, I did not. However, I did finish it today.

I learned a lot about proper writing from this book, and I highly recommend it to any writer. I will not sell off this book; I will keep it as a handy reference guide when questions or confusion on writing comes up.

Now that I have finished this book, I will go on to begin another book called The Food Babe Way, by Vani Hari. Although I have a stack of books in my bedroom begging to be opened, The Food Babe Way was a gift from my boyfriend. He keeps asking me why I haven’t read it yet, so I guess I’ll read that next. It is an informative book about the way we eat and what is really in the foods we are eating. I love to learn and try to be healthy, so I look forward to reading it. I will definitely update my blog with what I learn from it.


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