Again, with Aspiration and Dedication

Hi. I am writing today simply because I feel like journaling. Aside from that, I haven’t blogged anything for awhile, or much of anything at all really. I was so excited about the idea of blogging when I first got started. What happened? What happens to any idea that we get so excited about, can’t wait to get started, take off running with it, aspiration and dedication in our hearts, and before we know it the project just falls flat.

Maybe I’ve taken on too much all at once? I got laid off from my job and decided to dive into some hobbies. I was thinking I would spend time doing things I love. I was thinking maybe I could get really good at one of those things, or maybe a few of those things, and even make some money in the process. Eventually.

However, I’ve been laid off for a month now. I’ve finished only one painting. Haven’t finished reading one book, but its almost finished. Haven’t written much of anything, hardly at all. And one is the magic number I guess, because thats how many times Ive practiced playing my guitar too. I have been cooking and cleaning plenty though! I do enjoy cooking so… at least there’s that. And I’ve been hiking some too, which I love.

My boyfriend is also laid off at the moment. So between him wanting me to hang out with him, the kids, the housework, and the cooking I don’t have much alone time. Sometimes I wish I could just have a few weeks alone in a cabin. I’d get so much done! Hmmm…

Anyway I think my problem is that I’m a scatterbrain! I’ve got all these ideas bouncing around in my head. I need to find a way to organize these ideas and perhaps focus on one at a time. Set goals. And complete them.

So here goes. I shall focus. I made a post on March 19th about a great book I had started: The Book on Writing. That was over a month ago. Theres really no good reason it shouldn’t have been finished by now. My goal is to finish that book. Today! Yes today! It can be done. And I will do it!

Goal #2: I’ll report back tomorrow on my progress!

So I am off and running now, again with aspiration and dedication in my heart! :mrgreen:


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