Learning to play the acoustic guitar


When my dad passed away a few months ago, my sister inherited one of his prized possessions, his Taylor guitar. It only made sense that she kept it though since he had taught her to play. They had even spent many nights strumming away to classic rock hits until the early morning hours. So, although I didn’t exactly get those irreplaceable experiences she had with my dad, or the guitar that he held and played, and loved, I could buy one that looked just like his. I would buy it and learn how to play it as a tribute to my wonderful dad.

So I bought the guitar, spending $800 on the whole deal, not knowing a single thing about how to play it. But I sure do love this guitar. This beauty is art in itself. My dad had great taste in guitars, thats for sure! Now I must learn how to play, to show this baby off. Its very overwhelming at first with the frets, and the chords, and the tuning, and the strumming, and reading the music, etc.! In fact, I’m still overwhelmed, but I know I can learn how to play it with a little patience, and a lot of practice. My sister came over to show me a few things and she brought dad’s guitar with her. So there we were, her showing me the ropes on dad’s guitar and me trying things out on mine. We were sure he was up in heaven smiling down, wishing he was there with us. We knew he had to be proud at that moment while my sister tried to teach me the very things he had taught her. I only wish I would have taken an interest sooner so I too could have spent nights playing with my dad. But as he would say: “wish in one hand, shit in the other, see which one fills up faster”, whatever that meant. He always had all these goofy sayings. God, I miss him!

I found a ton of guitar lessons and things related on YouTube. This has been very helpful! I hadn’t really put in much practice time so I got to thinking that if I set up guitar lessons with a local musician it would give me some structure. When the day of the first lesson came, I backed out telling myself I didn’t need to pay $20 for a half hour lesson when I could just set up a lesson with myself instead. So I did; I looked over the things my sister had shown me, some chords my mom copied for me, and some YouTube videos. In searching for the easiest songs to start on, I found a blog by Guitar Noise listing the top 10 easiest songs to learn on the guitar. So, I started with the first one, A horse With No Name, by America. I’ve heard this song before, but what a great song it is! I found YouTube videos showing you how to play this particular song. This is very helpful since you need to learn the strumming, as well as the chords. So I practiced about an hour or two with a bit of productivity. It almost sort of sounded like a song, that song. Ha! I have a long way to go, but I know I can do this! I have unwavering motivation shining down on me from heaven. Thanks dad, I love you!


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