Last Night’s Dinner


Classic Patty Melt and Crispy Baked Fries

If your anything like me, Pinterest is your go to spot for dinner ideas and fabulous recipes. I made this classic patty melt last night and it was delish! A burger topped with carmelized onions, swiss cheese, and homeade thousand island dressing on buttered, grilled bread, yes please! I used sourdough bread instead of the rye it called for since I don’t care for rye bread. Also, I had to triple the recipe for the homemade thousand island dressing since the original didn’t make much. I’ve never made thousand island dressing at home before, but it was quite yummy! I wouldn’t try to use the store bought dressing as a substitute as I’m certain the homemade is much better. Everyone absolutely loved the patty melts! I decided to go with baked fries to save some calories and fat. So I found this recipe on Pinterest as well. I cut the potatoes into smaller chunks though so they would cook faster. The crispy baked fries recipe also got rave reviews in my house. Both were winners , and I’ll definitely be making both recipes again! 😋


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